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, since beginning in 1992, believes in providing its customers with QUALITY work the first time, every time. QUALITY applies to all the work we do, not only the parts we produce!

has established itself as the premiere fabrication/machine parts supplier in the South-Central United States.

offers so many processes under one roof, including:

can truly be your total source with complete control under one roof. Control means quality...and quality means on-time deliveries...

- your total source for all of your manufacturing outsourced needs.

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FabCorp has the capacity for all your component needs with services ranging from light sheet metal weldments to heavy plate components with (27) MIG, (5)TIG and (6) CNC Robotic welding stations.

CNC Machining
Our development is being driven to meet our component needs and to meet the production needs for our expanding customer base in such markets as: Valves, Production Controls, Petrochem, Construction Equipment, Power Generation, Heavy Construction and Subsea equipment.

Commercial Fabrication
FCI's focus is on both complete fabrications or machined fabrications, for Petrochemicals and Production Equipment, Transportation, Construction and Recreational Vehicles, Off Highway, Valve components, Flow Metering and the critical Subsea Drilling/Production market, with an emphasis on quality.

Subsea Components
FCI has established itself as leader in high quality subsea fabrications, machined components and turn-key assemblies, for various subsea equipment companies.

Material Handling Equipment
If you're looking for a fast, efficient means of handling scrap and bulk materials, then check out the self-dumping Hippo Hopper and other handling equipment manufactured by FabCorp.

Government Supplier
In the past years, FCI has produced over five hundred different line items for various military customers worldwide, including: NASA, the Bureau of Reclamation, the Department of the Interior, and the U.S. Army. We are certified to weld carbon, alloy, stainless, aluminum and armor sheet and plate.

FCI offers complete manufacturing, Assembly and Certification Testing of high pressure Hydraulic control valves and actuation cylinders for sever service applications.

Plate Processing
FCI utilizes the most up-to-date equipment in the industry for quality Multi-Torch Flame cutting, Conventional Plasma cutting, Hy-Definition Plasma cutting, Water jetting and Laser cutting.

Because we are committed to offering our customers a complete manufacturing package, we offer sandblasting and complete powder coating to any component our customers require.

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